January 5, 2017

Who knew being an adult in 2017 would feel like being an adult in 2016, always tired, over worked and under paid. I thought for sure I was going to be able to write yesterday but I was in bed and under the stars by 9pm. I have had a pretty eventful couple of days and I can only imagine with the schedule I have ahead of me its only going to get much more hectic. But, why am I complaining when I have so much to be thankful for.

I would like to take a minute of my blog to just address the Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood International Shooting today *Insert moment of silence*. Living in Fort Lauderdale and having traveled in and out of it and knowing my family and friends use that airport to come see me, watching this tragedy today was upsetting to say the least. Like many things in life we can all say we could never imagine these terrible things happening but when they do then we want take the time to love our family and friends.

Why is it when push comes to shove we want to show love and affection towards those we care about but struggle to do these things daily, when there isn’t a tragedy lingering in the air. I was on the live feed for almost 45 minutes reading and taking in all of the comments some of the people had, and man was I taken back. There was no information regarding who the shooter was or skin color, race, religion, or even if it was a guy or a girl and people were screaming MUSLIM TERRORIST! I even read comments of people saying if Obama hadn’t done this or, if there weren’t so many black thugs, but not a single person knew anything, except the fact that innocent people had died.

Through my journey of loving myself after my assault even in the past 5 days, I have learned one thing, and we should treat other people in a way that we wish to treat ourselves. What a really common saying, but such an abnormal, abstract concept for most. If I could have my 2 cents on this topic, I would say people don’t know how to treat other people because they fail in doing so even to themselves. I witness daily how people talk bad about themselves, put themselves down or don’t try to excel in life or just simply are lazy with life. But how can we help those around us see the beauty in themselves,or even the life around them if they are so negative? We are all offered the same 365 opportunities and the same 24 hours within those opportunities to love ourselves and some if not most take advantage of these.

After the tragedy today, I really wanted to come through my computer screen and fill the hatred with love, hug and compliment these people for all the great things about them and ignore the hatred. But, as you see thats not a realistic option, so I had to brainstorm other ways to make these things happen. I made a vow to myself to fill myself up with love and that makes me happy and it feels good to me, but if those around me don’t feel this same way then that brings my feel good down a level.

Loving myself doesn’t mean that I only have to give myself love and attention, it can also mean sharing that gratitude with those around me. The stranger in the mall with a pretty smile, or maybe the struggling mom at the grocery store with a little bit of make up on to mask her fatigue.  I wish I could name all the opportunities we have day in and day out to compliment and love those around us but I know there are a lot and we should take advantage of those just as much as we take advantage of the ones we have towards ourselves.

Outside of my opportunities to love myself, I am going to extend my expressions of love outward to those around me, even if they are being negative or have a different view on something than I have. Sometimes, it takes the affection and outward expression of gratitude of another person for people to see the beauty in themselves and I hope that sparks a little love of fire in them.

I believe the power of kindness, one day, on person and one compliment at a time can change the world. If not, well, why be so pessimistic, it won’t hurt to try. -Oascha Cross.

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