January 15,2017

I had several reasons to be so sad today, to not want to get out of bed or eat a full course meal. I went to bed last night after making a decision that was pretty hard for me. I tend to hold onto things and people that once made me happy or that I find value in, even when these things are hurting me. I had to take my own advice that I have been giving to others so willingly and allow myself to be OK with this decision. So, I made today beautiful.

I don’t know if I can speak for all women, but when we care about someone we will fight and fight and fight to maintain friendships, and/ or relationships until the point of pure exhaustion. We rarely ever expect even half of what we get in return, but we have to come to a point where enough is enough. We have to realize that living in the shadows after being there for someone even when their going through their worse is not where we belong. If you are holding someone down, supporting them, and giving them an unconditional love that support and love should be mutual and the recognition should be there. However it comes, it should be there.

Recognition comes in all response topographies, such as reaching out and making sure  someones day is well, making sure they have eaten that day, that they have felt good all day anything to check on their well being is recognizing that you care and appreciate them. It takes two seconds to pick up your phone and reach out to someone who you care about.

It hurts to support those who do not care about me, my well being or my spirit. If someone says they care about you, you should never have to beg for attention, or love or affection or anything. It will be handed to you, every opportunity that someone has to check in on you should be taken. You should never feel like a burden to someone else’s life, especially if you are offering so much of yourself to help support theirs. Friends, family or SO, no matter who it is if someone cares about you, it will show in how they talk and treat you every day, you won’t have to question it because you will feel it.

But, I said today was a happy day and it was! The sadness in my heart seemed to disappear knowing all the beauty I had in store for myself! I got to take an impromptu trip to Key West to pick up a rescue pup named Duke! He is amazing and has made himself right at home in my bed and I can already tell he’s going to love it here!

My friend Emily and I, who let me tell you, I am beyond thankful to have such an amazing genuine kind-hearted friend like her. Everything about her just radiates this positive energy that brings so much value and positivity to my life. On a whim, I asked her if she wanted to come to the Keys with me and she was all in no questions asked. Day trip to the Keys! It was a no brainer that our Sunday was going to be amazing. A good 10 hour day full of adventure, learning, chatting and positive vibes and rescuing an animal!

We had the most wonderful tour guide, Dukes family! I could not have asked for a better family to come into contact with today! Dukes first mommy, took us to Key West to eat and tour the city. If you have never been to Key West, I would have to tell you, you’re about as crazy as I was! The city was full of life, and the energy was great. The water in the Keys is absolutely beautiful! It was this almost teal color, like nothing I have had the opportunity to see before. Absolutely beautiful!

I learned a lot about myself in this trip. I learned that for every negative or bad experience we have in life we should seek the opportunity to fill it with a positive one. I learned that  we should give ourselves credit sometimes and not be so harsh towards ourselves especially when we are upset or hurt. Today, I also learned the power of surrounding myself with positive and beautiful people. This journey just gets sweeter everyday.

–a beautiful friendship can refresh the soul

CE8AB471-EF12-40D3-A176-79B52E079188.JPG img_2760


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