January 16, 2017

Mondays, Mondays, Mondays. Just kidding, today  wasn’t that bad that I had to repeat it three times! It was actually a pretty chill day today! My morning started off a little rough, but thats to be expected when you work with children and you’re coming back after the weekend. I did get to check out a cool museum down here in South Florida called, Young At Art! One of the coolest museums for kids that I have been to, besides COSI in Columbus, Ohio!

Any who. Tonight, I got a phone call from my little sister who has been going through some issues with a current relationship. As her big sister, I never want to see her hurt, or crying or see anyone treat her bad. My immediate instinct when I heard what was going on was, PLANE TICKET TO OHIO, AND KICK SOME BUTT! I wish, but in life we all have to face our battles head on and live and learn from each experience. It was hard to just sit back and give advice and share my experiences as opposed to telling her what I wanted her to do.

It was not about what I wanted for her, it was about what she wanted for herself. Our phone call tonight was her telling me she made a decision to put her current relationship into the category of “being on a break”, because she knew it was the best thing to do for herself. She told me, she felt like she made a mistake. When I asked her what her mistake was she told me how the conversation went and she said I love him and I feel like I made a mistake. This very sentence made me realize how much power we give others, especially the men in our lives to make us feel like we are doing wrong for their mistakes.

Baby girl, I have been there before. Recently actually. If you are giving your all to a relationship traveling and providing and you feel unappreciated its not because you’re being needy or extra its probably because you simply are not getting what you deserve. When a man tells you he loves you or cares about you, you will feel it. Everyday unconditionally. He will pull you in close both mentally and physically and shelter your heart and want to protect it with everything he has, because he knows you are out here doing the same for him.

I told her that if he wanted to make things work and the pain was real then he would show it. He would level up, and start putting his words into action and being consistent. I don’t play that second and third chances game, because being in a relationship and caring for someone is not a game. Sometimes people fall off, we loose ourselves or maybe we even lose sight of whats important to us. If those who love us aren’t pushing us to be better for ourselves and for them then we are with the wrong people.

Love shouldn’t be a game. Its not going to be easy but it also shouldn’t be draining. You cannot sit and wait on someone to be who you need them to be, but if they are ready and willing to level up to meet you on your level, give them that chance. But don’t wait for them to decide if you’re worth it. Life goes on with or without them.

My sweet beautiful sisters are worth more than money can buy, and I am so proud of them for the decisions they continually make everyday to better their lives and themselves.They inspire me to be as strong as I try to be and come out of every experience with a positive outlook and some sort of advice. I started this blog to find a love in myself, and I’m realizing everyday that it wasn’t always entirely myself that needed to grow but the people I was encountering that made me question my own love for myself.

I hope through me they start to find a stronger love in themselves, and never settle for less than they deserve or allow a man, woman or any human being to question themselves, when they know that they are doing all they can. I am so proud of my sister. If I had half the courage she does when I was her age, I couldn’t imagine where I would be now. So many wonderful things are in store for her and I hope she sees that everyday. You are worthy of the love you so willingly hand to others.

–sisters are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly


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