January 20,Women’s Rights Rally 2017!

Today, was AMAZING!

I am so proud to say that I was out in the streets making history and pushing Love over hate. I am so proud to say that today, I had the opportunity to use my voice peacefully on the streets of downtown Miami and stand up for my beliefs.

I knew that the women’s march was happening in D.C. but I had no idea Miami was having its own! I left the gym, hopped on Facebook and saw some girls who live locally sharing pictures of it. Sweaty and stinky I drove straight from Lauderdale to Miami!

Today, I got to stand amongst men, women, transgender, but most importantly HUMANS of all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, ethnicities you name it and chant and protest for the same causes. Everyone standing with me today was full of life, all of us hopeful and ready to stand together and fight for each other.

I showed up alone to the march and left with a numerous amount of friends and even more memories. The best part of the entire rally is that everyones voice had a chance to be heard, there was black lives matter, women’s rights, lgbtq rights, climate control, immigration rights! It was all there, and we were all one group of people using our voices to show how great our power is.

The stadium where the rally down here was held hold about 8000 people, and by the time I got there it was already so full that they would not allow anyone else to join. I did not get to go inside, but we were chanting from the outside and protesting on sidewalks and up and down the streets.

When the people in the theater started to come out we took to the streets marched to one of the intersections and waited for everyone to join, gathered in a circle and just started chanting. Some of the chants you would have heard today were, MY BODY, MY CHOICE! HER BODY, HER CHOICE! HEY, HO TRUMP HAS GOT TO GO! , WE ARE THE POPULAR VOTE!

These chants filled the circle, and then we marched onwards, just thousands of people, standing together, united, fighting, raising our voices to be heard. It didn’t matter who you were today, it was like one giant family taking a stand. The most powerful experience I have ever had in my entire life.

I think the best part of today,was checking my Facebook to see that these rallies were WORLD WIDE! Women and men all over the world took to the streets for peaceful protest. We were all united together and in that moment it was like I could feel the strength from the world pulling together! What a beautiful feeling to experience.

The Miami Police did a phenomenal job today as well! Protecting the citizens and our right to a peaceful protest ! Well done, guys!

Today, WE made history. WE will not be silenced. WE will not stand down. WE will fight for our rights until our voices are heard!


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