Sunday Reflection


I don’t think i have really taken time to appreciate how far I have come in life until today. I was sitting at my kitchen table looking over my study materials for my exam I am prepping for and life just hit me. I am here in South Florida, sitting at my kitchen table, the sun was out and the only thing stressing me out was my exam and my own brain. I remember days when I was serving tables on a Sunday from 11 am til 9pm to make rent money. What a luxury it is for me now to sit at my own kitchen table and be able to study week after week.

To think that one day, after I have completed my Ph.D program and launched my own business that I  will be able to look back at the Sundays I have now and think man I made it this far already. I can’t tell you what my days will look like when I have hit yet another milestone but let me tell you… the Sundays I have now are a blessing. I knew that serving tables on a Sunday wasn’t the end of the world and one day I would be in a better position, but I never knew how much for granted I would take these days.

With that being said, today I finished my studying around 4pm and packed up a book, a water bottle and a blanket and sat on the beach. Parking was rough but that is expected on a Sunday in Fort Lauderdale. It was nice to sit on the beach and hear the waves brush against the shore and just simply be. A young man about 19 years of age talked to me for a little bit today and that was probably the most innocent conversation I have had my entire stay here in South Florida.

I think what made the conversation so innocent was how young and immature his mind was to the world around him. He seemed anxious to learn about things he didn’t know, but didn’t have the right words to ask the things he was most curious about. He talked a little about his self, his family and where he was from. He asked me some questions about myself, what I was reading, and what I did for a living. I think the funniest question he asked me was, Why would I come to the beach to read?  I told him reading is power, its the nectar of knowledge and its amazing how sitting on the beach and being lost in a good book can change the soul and expand your creativity. He sat in awe for about 3 seconds and  laughed a little, but I bet ya one of these days he’s gonna bring a book to the beach just to give it a try!

I am beyond blessed to be where I am in this world and in my life. I went from Sundays that I spent asking people if their food was great to sitting on the beach reading for leisure. Sometimes, we forget to appreciate the little things that in reality are the big things. Taking time to reflect on where we were, the things we promised ourselves, and if we held ourselves accountable for those promises is a necessity to maintaining happiness.

Sunday is the perfect day to refuel your soul and be grateful for each and every one of your blessings–

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