Lifes to short to live in anger.

Would you believe me if I told you I just erased a whole blog post about my anger because I realized writing my anger out felt great, but its not the type of writing I want others to read. I pride myself on being a positive uplifting person. So, tonight after not writing in awhile, I will touch on the things that made me angry but focus on all of the beautiful things going on in my life.

I will wipe the negative out of the way first. I had an encounter over the weekend where a man spoke to me in such a way that I had to make a decision to end a friendship. When men feel their masculinity is being threatened or they are trying to prove dominance they instantly turn to degrading and belittling women. I am an equal counter-part and will always be treated as such. I will never EVER tolerate a man speaking out of tongue to me, especially if I have carried myself as the lady that I am. Sucks that sometimes people force us to make these types of decisions but thats how it is. We live, we learn and we grow.

So as you can see, that blog I wrote originally was a complete feminist rant. But there is so much beautiful in my life right now that whomever spoke foul to me doesn’t deserve an entire blog to themselves. This is about me and my growth. And, the decision I made to cut someone off after the disrespect I received is something to applaud in itself!!

This journey of myself has been so beautiful and challenging that if I really think about how far I have come, the me that held my tongue Saturday and quietly dismissed someone from my life Sunday was not the same me years ago. I remember a me a long time ago that would have flipped her shit, a me that would have punched a guy square in the jaw, a me that would have been in someones face and pointing fingers. I am so proud of this person I am that I was able to walk away from a situation and know that the decision I made was the best one.

This past weekend was a great one though! I finally took my ABA exam, and it felt great to be done. I will be honest, I want to say I know for sure that I passed, but I don’t. When I exited the exam room, I did so with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment and I had this feeling that all will end well, but I am also trying to remain very humble. That test was hard and was no joke. I pray and pray that I did well and IN 45 DAYS I get and email saying “active passed.” That would be everything. As I have told everyone though, the test was hard and subjective which can be tricky. You have to pick the best answer of a series of four. Two answers were absolutely not the right answer and two could both be right but one is the best. Sometimes you could apply a real life scenario and other times you have to be straight text book. The analytical skills involved in this test are excruciatingly painful.

So. April 15 is the day the board has  to have results back but people say I should get them before then. Luck and good vibes are always appreciated.

What are my plans for “when i pass?” See what I did there! Speaking this into existence! But really tho, when I pass, I can go anywhere a BCBA is needed. I have job opportunities opening up all over South Florida, states as close as Georgia and as far as California. The world is my playground and I am just getting started!  I haven job in particular that I would love to land, so fingers crossed this exam comes back with the passing score and I can fulfill my dream!

The anticipation is killing me tho!

Anywho! I have started doing yoga more from home and playing with flows that are different than the ones I teach! They are shorter and a little more stretch intensive so I can do them from home and on my breaks! If you have IG follow my yoga page “thesurvivingyogi”

Okay, I know I didn’t write much today but I am tired and am about to go to bed! Thank you all for reading and goodnight !

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