I am Art.

I have had trouble with what to write lately. I am this person who tends to over share, over think and then regret some of the things I have said. At the end of the day it is who I am and I cannot help who I am. Mindfulness in my writing and living without fear of judgement is the best place to start I guess.

So with that being said, I have been struggling with something lately. I decided to start a yoga page and made it exclusive to just yoga. Most of my yoga happens at home and in next to nothing type clothing. Sometimes my yoga happens in the dead of the night when I cannot sleep. I get up and I set my phone up and I record a flow or headstand flow and I take what I like and I share with my yoga page.

You may be thinking, well whats wrong with that? My biggest problem is the idea that I am doing yoga in short boy shorts, and like last night if you follow my yoga page you can see I did some headstand play without a top on. Now, all you can see is my back but someone told me that the pose was seductive in itself. Some see showing skin in such ways is sexy. I like every woman want to feel and be sexy so a part of me was like, okay, Sexy me thats cool. But then apart of me is like NO i don’t want to sell sex. I do not want my body to be an image of just a sex symbol. When people see me I do not want them to immediately think that I am this iconic sex symbol.  I pride myself on being a scholar, someone with integrity and I want to be known for my contributions to the world that truly represent who I am.

I wish I could say  there wasn’t a but, but there is. I also enjoy viewing the body as a work of art. I believe that every person has something beautiful and unique to them and the idea of bare skin shaping and molding into something beautiful is art. The body can be twisted and bent and transformed into beautiful things. I like to think that someone could look at a picture of my in boy shorts and topless and say wow she’s beautiful. I have seen so many yoga post where people are degrading, ignorant and just disgusting. I cannot control how other people speak or feel, but it bothers me truly that someone may objectify my body.

Is this an issue within myself ? I guess you could say so. I’m not sure how to even write out all of my feelings. I just want to be respected, and seen as my whole being and not just a part of who I am. My yoga isn’t meant to be a sex symbol. I created my yoga page because I like the inspiration I get from other yogis pages and I want to be that source of motivation for others.

I think at the end of the day if I know my goals and my intentions if I tune out everything else, I will feel good about what I am doing. In the end, it is how I feel and what I know to be true about myself. At least I hope so.

The body is art. I am art.

I would like to know others opinions on this. So if you’re reading, text, call, email, write on my Facebook post. I want to know what others think.

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