I started with Yoga.

When the body, the mind, and the spirit are all in different places life can feel confusing. At least for me. When my body is not in the same space as my mind and my spirit is down I begin to crawl into a shell, something like a hermit crab. Its getting me out of the shell and into a comfortably, uncomfortable zone that usually brings them all back together.

I start with yoga.

Today, something told me after I came home and took another 2 hour nap, that something needed to happen. I could not keep going like this. Fortunately for me, my mind is strong enough to pull itself out of the dark spaces it attempts to dwell in. I have been hearing about this place called, The Yoga Joint. So, I got online and looked into it. Of course, its yoga so everything looked great but you never know until you try.

Class started at 745. I am an early bird I was in the door by 7. Signed up for 2 full unlimited weeks of hot and cold yoga! If you know me, you know how excited I get when it comes to anything yoga and having unlimited yoga is like a blessing! Anyways. Everything about the yoga going was amazing, from the girl at the front desk to how it was set up! The environment was cozy, and everyone was friendly.

I get nervous taking yoga classes, one because I teach and it is so hard to be taught, two because I haven’t taken/ don’t usually take classes in a studio, three I am very hard on myself and my practice. Tonight, was everything I needed to get through the days ahead. The instructor, her name was Molly. She was fantastic. Kind spirit, knowledgeable, kept a nice pace and had an amazing theme.

The universe always knows what we need, because tonights theme was being kind to yourself and noticing where your body is right now and not trying to change it but to just be okay with it. Being out of practice for so long, I needed to hear those words. My body is tight in places that I worked so hard to have mobility in before. That was disheartening, but that reminder that this is where I am and that was okay, challenged me in those moments to not look around at the other yogis, but to stay focused on myself. It was hard to push through in moments where my body was telling me to give up, but I pushed myself mentally to reach a high level of physical fullness.

I remember in Ohio taking hot yoga and leaving the room with this detox, out of body experience. I haven’t had that in awhile. Tonight, I left feeling elevated, mindful and a little more aware of where my body is physically and mentally. I was able to set goals for my next yoga class on both my mental and my physical.

Im glad that today I decided to get up and do something other than lay in bed. I got out and explored. Cheers to exploring and yoga.

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