The Strength Of Me.

The weekend is over already. I never want them to end, but at the same time I am always excited to get back to work because I am so in love with what I do. And, if I can be honest as much as I love being alone the weekends get extremely lonely sometimes so being with my kids is pure happiness for me. Its my last week with my kiddos at my current job and I have already shed a few tears even thinking of it. When you invest in someone else’s kids, they become a great part of your life and their success and well being is a priority for you. Hopefully, I can hold it together on my last days with them.

Any who, this weekend was interesting. I am just going to jump right into today. Sunday. Because, well.. I made the decision to rearrange my apartment. When ever something changes in my life I have to move something else around to kind of push out the old and start in with the new. And my apartments sun room where I kept my bedroom had no air conditioning so I was sweating to death at night.

I didn’t want to be bothered by people today so I didn’t even think to ask for help. I just assumed I could tackle moving a Cali King size bed and a couch that pulls out into a sleeper sofa all over the place. It wasn’t until I couldn’t put the couch thru the door and every time I went to tilt it the bed popped out that I realized I was in over my head. I was on the verge of tears trying to get this through. It was like one of those things where your mind is like you can do it but your body is like nope, listen its too heavy call someone.

I kept telling myself, I am pretty strong for a girl, I can do this. Every time the couch wouldn’t move, I would say no, I need a man I’m not strong enough. This battle in my head was something furious. I even had to call my girl friend Emily to help verbally push me through this!! I swear at any point in this story you can laugh at me. I call her and I’m in my undies and a tank top and her boyfriend is in the camera and here I am mooning everyone on the verge of a breakdown. She couldn’t do much over FaceTime but I know having someone there to push me was everything I needed because mentally I was exhausted!

Sure enough, I GOT THE COUCH THRU!! Can you believe it! I was able to push and pull and twist this couch all by myself and move my mattress and box springs, a dresser, and other items all by myself!

I am laughing at this as I write it because it doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it honestly was. My brain has been all over the place lately and to be able to focus and push myself through was pretty rewarding! I set up my couch and my bedroom and even set up the yoga corner I have been dying to have since I moved to Florida last year.

Practicing in a space that was created just for me and my mat was phenomenal tonight! My flow was effortless and everything I have been holding onto over the weekend drifted away. When in doubt, do yoga. Oh yeah, I hit my first ever handstand tonight and held it. That is enough to rave about !

I keep telling myself over and over that I am strong for a woman and to be honest, I am strong for me. It shouldn’t matter if I am a girl or a boy or a unicorn strength isn’t dependent on what you are. Strength is both mental and physical and I am strong for me.

What a Sunday


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