Just Another Sunday.

Just another Sunday.

Today was Easter for most, but for me it was just another Sunday. I remember a time when I celebrated Easter as a child but I think we only celebrated as a family tradition because society celebrated. We never went to church, or did the whole lent thing, we just woke up on Easter morning to baskets full of candy, a new outfit and a new toy or something of the sort. I never truly understood what we were celebrating but I enjoyed this day that my family spent together.

As an adult, I have chose not to celebrate Easter because I don’t follow the religious values behind this day. So to me, its just another day that I take advantage of. Another day to spread love and light to the world and get up and make a difference. I did get the chance to go with my best friend to his close families house and for the first time in a long time, I felt apart of a family. The home and everything surrounding me felt like my Grandmas house. I felt at home in a home that wasn’t mine and that was one of the most comforting feelings, when I have been missing home so much lately.

This weekend has been so blessed to say the least.

I haven’t taken myself out like I have planned the past few weeks, but my mind has been so crowded with things that don’t make sense. I go through these periods in time where I doubt myself and my strength, I am weaker than I should be and can’t force myself to get out of bed. But, this weekend I got out of bed and instead of being alone I spent time with friends. I went to a cookout and sat on the beach, and had dinner with a friend.

I think the most memorable part of this weekend was sharing time with my girlfriend, getting drinks and appetizers and sharing life. Here we are two women, barely know each other but yet we have so much strength and so much in common. Even in our weakest moments, we were able to lift each other up and talk about things in ways we knew other people wouldn’t understand.

It was sitting with her that I realized how much strength we as women can bring to the table and offer to each other. Even in our weakest moments we bring strength, understanding and love. I admire the strength it takes women to get up and live after being beaten down and taken advantage of, or after we have been hurt and left to fend for ourselves.

Sitting at that table Saturday night, was the strength and energy I needed to carry me through and push and motivate myself to the potential I know deep inside I am capable of. I can only hope that I gave her that same strength and courage to push through.

The strength of a woman is incomparable.

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