Oh, Monday.


Something about Mondays, they make me hopeful that I can be better than I was the week before. Every week I get better and I learn something new. Its like a new beginning 4 times a month. How can you not enjoy that? Sometimes, I have a case of the Mondays and don’t wanna get out of bed but today I actually woke up to my alarm and was ready for my day. Did a yoga flow, made breakfast (twice) and I wasn’t rushed and had time to make my morning coffee. Something tells me the rest of my week I am going to shine. I hope at least.

I even had a successful work day, got to workout early, had an amazing leg workout, my food didn’t get spoiled in the heat today and I finished work early. MONDAY !!!!

I haven’t had the best days as of lately, so this Monday was universe sent. I have been going through old memories of when I lived back in Ohio and just missing some of my friends and family, going through failed relationships and looking for answers and looking back on just things that I no longer can control. I want to travel, I want to get out, I want to say I did the things I talk about. Right now tho, thats just not feasible. I don’t talk about why its not feasible, maybe its because I am still going through it. I could open up, but I don’t need a pity party, and I may never open up because I don’t need kuddos. I just need to make it through and when I do… man when I do!

I had a dream that I got to travel to Ireland. When I get all of my pieces put together and my ducks in a row. I am going to Ireland. There are so many things I want to see here in the States, but Ireland has had my eye for the longest time. I don’t really have anywhere in specific, but there is a beautiful yogi I follow on IG and she takes the most breathtaking pictures there and it just makes me want to pack up and leave. If i ever got the opportunity to go away to Ireland and work, you bet your sweet ass I would! Haha.

I hope by Summer 17′ I will be touring the busy streets of Ireland with a blog full of pictures, and memories to share. I hope someone in Ireland reads this so they can send me to all the best place!!

Until then, I’m just blogging about the feels and my “I wishes” =).

I think the universe has been looking out for me though lately. Things I never saw coming are somehow showing up and I’m somehow making it through this downpour with some sunshine and a rainbow every now and then. There are some people I have to thank for that! I don’t know how I got so lucky to have the best support system, and the greatest friends. I have kept my circle small but the love is so big !!!

Beyond thankful, the universe never fails me. I am starting to believe that the energy you put into the world is the energy you get back!

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