I love me because…

All the reasons I love me.

I realize that something has been missing lately.

I have been searching for little pieces of me in places that can’t be found. I haven’t taken the time to properly love myself. So tonights blog is going to be a little bit of that. I promised myself that I would start loving me. So here is a list of all the reasons I love me.

I love me because…

I am smart,

I am talented,

I work my ass off for the things I want,

I fight for the the people I love,

I am empathetic,

I am kind-hearted,

I have  warm soul,

I am a giver,

I take care of my body,

I have a beautiful smile,

I love my freckles,

I am a good friend,

I am a good significant other when given the opportunity,

I can be funny at times,

I forgive easily,

Those are all of things I can think of, and thats good enough for me for now. I don’t think the list could grow any longer. Its a foundation.

I am missing something in my life, I haven’t really found what it is, or where it is, but when I find it… I can only imagine how wonderful it is going to be.

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