Her name is G. Put Sum Respek on it

One of my biggest goals moving to Ohio, was to be happy. A part of the reason I wasn’t genuinely happy in Florida was, because I didn’t really get out and make friends that I could just up an do things with. I secluded myself inside and I enjoyed being alone. An unhealthy amount of alone time, made my fear of people and doing things increase. My best friend in SOFLO, lived 45 minutes away and our schedules never really worked out to do things often. Some of the friends I did make always wanted to party or go to South Beach and get drunk until the next day and then I had friends who had excuses to not do anything ever.  So, I promised myself moving to Ohio, I would change the small things that led to my unhappiness.

One of the small things I wanted to work towards was creating a circle of friends that I can depend on, I can grow from and with, and people that love to get out and have fun, in the area surrounding my home. Jason has a pretty great circle of friends and I am a little jealous of how close they all are. After leaving Ohio in 2016, I lost my little circles of friends because I missed so many important things, or even the little things. No need to dwell on the little things, because so many great things are happening.

One of Jason’s best girl friends, a sweet , super ambitious, friendly, and amazing young woman joined me at an event; for my Womens YP Committee, in the Kenwood Towne Center. Her name is G, so put some respect on It. Anyways, enough of being a badass for this post. I am so happy I was able to spend quality time with a girl, for the first time since being in this area. It felt so amazing to have someone with common interest, goal oriented, and fun to be around. I am not going to lie, I was very nervous to meet and hang out with Jason’s friends in fear that they wouldn’t like me, or what if we had nothing in common. I always think of the worse case scenarios in everything, by default, and I think that its safe to say, this is my worse character trait. I try to bring so much positive to others lives, I often forget to start with mine first.

Nonetheless, this trip to the mall was so much fun. Having a girl who is rooting for my boyfriend and I, as well as open to a friendship with me, was exciting. We spent the better part of the evening at the event, hosted by Kendra Scott. I drank Champagne while shopping for jewelry I knew I could not afford. I think what made being in this store so awesome was how G and I talked of our future plans to be able to shop and accessorize with pieces sold in this store. We talked about our career plans and where we wanted to be and how we were going to stay motivated and get what we wanted. We want to be apart of that 100k club, and to be around another female that wants to boss up like myself was pretty fucking fantastic. The ambition and courage she has and the way she is fighting for the things she want both at work and in life are inspiring. I felt extra motivated after talking with G about her ambition and a proposal she recently made in her current company. I am so inspired by other women that are trying to boss up and own a whole new level of aspiring young women professionals.

After our event, she helped me dress shop for an upcoming Christmas party for, Jason’s work. I was so happy to have another girl with me and not have to look at Jason for girly advice. Although, the man has style, dress shopping and matching shoes and purses and accessories may not be something he is interested in. Our new friendship comes with honesty and I enjoy being around other women that can bring honesty from a good place.  In south Florida, I had to rely on the help of women inside the stores, or my own judgement. So, I was so happy to have someone helping me!

We ended the night with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had steak tacos and let me tell you how amazing they were! What is said at dinner, stays at dinner so I wont go into details about that. Sorry guys (Jason).

My plan for happiness always starts within myself and actively making the decision to invite warm and welcoming people into my life has been a great one so far. I am so used to being inside of my own bubble and depending on myself for everything, and being alone for everything, that changing my ways has been difficult but I am embracing every part of the journey. I am so glad that new girl friends is a part of this.

The best kinds of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world.


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