Fairwell 2017.

Another year. It seems like as we get older the years go by a little faster, and the lessons we learn come more often. Or, maybe, its just that we have to apply them differently and learn just a little quicker than when we were young. Either way, this year has flown by as I sit in front of my keyboard, I cant help but to reflect on what this year has brought me.

One of the largest changes I made this year, was my relationship. Jason has always been in my life, but not in the way he is now. Of all the things 2017 has brought me, this by far is my favorite change and growth. I moved back up north, took a huge chance with another human. Here we are 2 months later remodeling our home, cooking dinners together, sharing the same bed, just loving each other. Having another human to wake up to when I have night terrors, or when I wake up in a panic, has been a great change.

Within this relationship, I see so much room from growth on my end. I have been an alpha female for so long, not allowing anyone to tell me how to live or allowing a man in specific to teach me or lead me to a better quality of life. Going into the new year, I want to listen to understand more, speak with intention and always with love, and to love physically and emotionally in all the ways, Jason needs. He is the best part of 2017 in my personal growth, so learning him and building us is a priority going into 2018.

I am so excited to see what the New Year for us brings and how we can grow and prosper in 2018.

In my professional growth, I became a BCBA. This was by far the best accomplishment in my professional careers. As I continue to grow, I can only hope to advance my career and impact so many more lives. I have so much room for growth, and as I continue to grow I can only hope to work with the best mentors and fellow BCBA’s.

Going into the new year, I want to expand on my yoga. Yoga has always been a passion and I feel I lost a lot of myself trying to figure out where I wanted to be in life. Jason continuously pushes me to my goals and to follow through with all of my goals and aspirations and he has already helped me find my light all over again. I cannot wait to get back onto my mat continuously and make It a habit again, in 2018.

All of the goals I made in 2017, were achieved before the years end hit. As I move forward into 2018, my goals have been set and a plan has been made. I cannot wait til bring in the new year with my human and my puppy.

New Years Goals:

Create a financial plan

Creating a strong foundation with Jason

Finding Balance in my mental and physical health

I hope everyone has created their goals and is staying warm and safe tonight.

Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “Fairwell 2017.

  1. I am so happy for all the changes that are happening… relationships are definitely provide a lot of space for growth. I am looking forward to hear more about the lessons you are learning in the upcoming posts. Meanwhile I continue to date myself –> https://wp.me/p9wFIj-a2 .. Hopefully this relationship will last longer than 365 days ๐Ÿ™‚

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